Tease Spray Tans

All Tanning appointments include the following;

~ A tanning accessory kit which includes a disposable thong, pasties, neat feet & a hair net.

~ A warm towel to wipe down with

~ Pre tan exfoliator mitt, which you will use to wipe down all areas to be tanned

 ~ PH balance prep spray

  ~ Finishing moisture lock spray

Eye and Nose protection and Barrier cream are available, upon request.

At Tease, you will receive an even, full body, customized tan from a professional spray tan artist in 15 minutes. 

Norvell sunless tanning products are created with instant cosmetic bronzers, gradual tans, and skincare treatments to prepare and care for the skin all while maintaining the freshest, quality ingredients. Ordonone® technology helps eliminate common sunless tanning odor.

Our tanning solutions contain Natural Color Complex, Vio-7, and Blend of Botanicals with naturally derived and organic ingredients. That’s why professional tanning artists rate Norvell sunless tanning products #1.

All solutions are Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Nut Free, 100% Vegan and Non-Comedogenic

*Prices can be found on our Services & Price List page*


What is the difference between Full Body Original  & Full Body Rapid?

Original allows you to rinse in 24 hours. Rapid allows you to rinse the same day, in 2-4 hours.

I have never been spray tanned before, what should I expect?

Airbrush spray tanning is the application of a solution containing an active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (“DHA”) to your skin. Over a 24 hour period, the DHA will interact with the amino acids in your skin cells to darken their appearance. After the full development time is up, you will have a fresh, bronze color to your skin without the damage from UV rays. 

Prior to starting your session, you will be given a warm, hot towel to wipe down your skin. This will help remove any lotions, deodorants or perfumes you may have on. Next we will provide you with an exfoliation mitt which will prep your skin for the spray tan.

Will I be Orange?

NO!  Norvell tanning solutions are the only sunless tanners with VIO-7: a proprietary blend of anti-orange pigments for a natural look.

What about shaving or hair removal?

You should shave or wax at least 24 hours BEFORE your spray tan session. Removing hair too close to your spray tan session will result in the solution settling into your pores, which will cause little dots on your skin. IF you must shave afterwards, we recommend waiting 48 hours. 

What do I wear during my spray tan session?

Whatever YOU feel comfortable in! A Swimsuit, Undies and Bra, Just bottoms or Your Birthday Suit is completely acceptable. We have disposable thongs and pasties for your nipples if you want a little coverage with minimal tan lines.

What should I wear after my spray tan?

We suggest you wear dark, loose fit clothing

Will I stain my clothing or sheets?

The instant bronzer that is in the solution is just a cosmetic bronzer, meaning it's like a liquid make up. It may rub off on your clothing or bed sheets prior to your first rinse. This is why we recommend wearing dark, loose fitted clothing to your appointment. 


Should I get my nails done before or after my spray tan?

BEFORE! Your nails will be protected during your spray tan. If you must get your nails done AFTER, do not allow the use of exfoliation or hot towels. This will completely strip your spray tan off your skin. 

I just got a Rapid spray tan. Should I use soap in the shower and lotion after?

No! Although you are able to rinse within a few hours, your spray tan will continue to develop for 24 hours. It will not fully develop before 24 hours. You are to only RINSE with water in the shower. No soap or body wash in the shower and no lotions afterwards. 

How long will my spray tan last?

7-10 days with proper at home skincare. It's important to use the right products to keep your color. We have all the proper aftercare products available for purchase, at the salon.

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